My Mom is Already Thinking About Christmas

Of course my Mom absolutely loves the Holidays. She starts decorating at the drop of a hat and she is already planning for Christmas. Right now she is just taking down her Halloween stuff and putting it back in the Rubbermaid tubs. She has an orange one that she keeps that stuff in and all sorts of other tubs. She had me taking them down to look for stuff while she was out in her storage building. I just dropped by to do a few things for her and the next thing I know she is looking at christmas jumpers and planning upon which ones she will wear. I am absolutely serious.

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Autumn Leg Wear

Autumn is here! And it’s time to bring out the hosiery!

Nippier weather really makes an excellent excuse to parade around Manhattan in the fabulous tights that are so awesome this autumn. They’re such a fantastic way to stay warm and still display the fabulous legs you’ve worked all summer for. Of course the classics are the classics – sheer nudes and pastels will always be in style. Check out Jonathan Aston’s for classics with a twist. His tights are so sheer, you can’t even tell that they provide amazing support for your legs and will keep your legs from needing any sort of vein treatment from Treatments of Manhattan . But it’s his witty and whimsical embellishments that make these tights really pop.

For those who are looking for something more playful and funky, autumn 2013 has some out of this world trends.

Blue is the hue. Vivienne Westwood came out with the funkiest cobalt blue tights! They have just the right pop to lift up the classic New Yorker’s black outfit. Get a little shimmery and sparkly with the shiny hoses of Anna Sui. Alexander McQueen and Yves Saint Laurent came up with really glittery bling on otherwise classic sheers. And have you seen the wild neon colors on Bebaroque’s?

Pick some prints! Patterns for some graphic textures, or just a few accents to punctuate the legs. Red herring has a lot of colorful and funky prints that’ll get you excited. Monique Lhuillier puts a spin on lace stockings with her gothic leggings. But some seriously interesting takes on the classic fishnet stockings. Check out Emilio Cavallini’s collection from last year. And no, we haven’t gotten tired of animal prints on our legs, and Marios Schwab knows it.

Pretty Polly and Wolford also came out with bold geometric prints that play peekaboo with patches of skin – very avant garde, and so incredibly sexy.

The Pippy Long Stockings retro striped look is in this season. And La Perla gets with the trend with delicate and girly versions of this in this season’s runways. And here’s another retro trend – knee highs! Fendi paraded the Milan shows with them, as did Anna Sui. Boho knee-highs were so in at House of Holland.

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Autumn Trips and Resolutions

Good news! Summer is over and my summer resolutions went down without a hitch! And now it’s fall. And the weather right now is just a little cooler than summer, and still bright and sunny. I’m looking forward to seeing all those wonderful autumn colors outside my window. Canada is gorgeous this time of year.

I think my spider veins have faded slightly, or at least haven’t gotten worse – I definitely won’t be needing any varicose vein treatment at anytime soon. I think I’ll keep on with the yoga.

I’ve decided to take a few short nature trips out of town to enjoy the season. I don’t want to be a stranger to my own country. I’m such a city girl, I think reconnecting with the earth will be good for me, and maybe it’ll provide fodder for my art too.

I’d like to visit Manitoba. There’s a beautiful world heritage site there above the Manitoba Escarpment that’s an animal reserve. I could watch for moose and elks, bears and bison. And the views are spectacular, or so I hear. I hope they allow cameras over there, although I’ll probably not use flash at all.

And then there’s a train that that can take me on a day trip from Sault Ste. Marie to Agawa Canyon for a dose of awesome Canadian wilderness. The 114 mile journey itself promises to be wonderful, with views of forests and landscapes, and lots of historical places, and a dip into the canyon floor itself. When the train stops I promise to get over my city girl sloth and hike up to the famous lookout point.

I also plan to visit Canada’s wine region in B.C.’s Okanagan Valley in October, when they hold their annual wine festival, during the grape harvest. Accommodations aren’t bad either, in fact, I hear they’re fabulous. I never thought that nature, alcohol, and culture could go together so harmoniously. But just so I can get a larger fill of the nature bit, I’m going on at least one vineyard tour.

If I get my fill of mountains and foliage, I’ll go out to sea in Grand Manan Island, and then, if time permits. I’ll hop on a plane and fly down to Charlotte, North Carolina to visit my gal pal Julia. I’m sure it’ll be a bit chilly in Toronto by then, and I’d welcome a bit more warmth.

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Summer Resolutions that Dwell on Wellness

vein treatment in ScottsdaleWhat a glorious summer it’s turning out to be!

I made a couple of resolutions when summer began. I think it’s more optimistic to make them during this time of year than right smack in the middle of winter. And also I’m keeping them, officially, until just the end of summer, so there’s no pressure to sustain these new habits or anything. The resolutions themselves are nothing unique – loosen up, lose weight, eat healthier. And it’s turning out really well… so far.

The weather’s been great! It’s like I’m not so far up north. It’s hot enough and bright enough that I could be down in Scottsdale, Arizona, for all I know. I’m feeling the warmth, the energy, and the fun. It’s the perfect atmosphere to make a few changes in my life, because it seems like anything is possible. I almost feel like a kid again – almost — of course I know I’m not that young…

So what have I been up to? I’m eating more fruits and vegetables, and this is the perfect time to do it! Everything in the market is so colorful and crisp. I’ve also taken up yoga. I find that it’s good for the body and good for the soul. All that breathing relaxes me and helps me let go of the stresses and worries about things that are beyond my control. I found myself being able to think on my feet better, and handle the minor inconveniences and irritations with more patience.

And those warrior poses are so great for my thighs and legs. They look slimmer, and I don’t know if I’m just imagining the barest hint of definition or if it’s really there. I did notice a marked improvement with my appearance of my spider veins. I figure that’s in part to the color imparted by the sunshine, and in part due to my new diet and exercise regimen. I did read that a healthy diet and exercise do improve blood circulation, and that they could be a kind of vein therapy in themselves. Imagine that. But if it’svein treatment you seek, here’s your solution:  

So here’s to summer resolutions, new year’s resolutions younger, and more flexible and freewheeling cousin!

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List of Jimmy Jazzy Store Locations

Apple Bottom Jeans « Pink HuesI am going to buy some new clothes for myself and my kids at some point in the near future, and I really want to get those clothes from Jimmy Jazz, because it is one of my favorite stores, and they have a lot of the styles of clothes that I like to wear. However, I have not lived in this city long, and I don’t know if there is a location nearby. As such, I am trying to find a list of jimmy jazz stores and where they are located, so that I will be able to figure out the closest one to my current place of residence.

I really would like to make the trip to the Jimmy Jazz store within the next week, most likely, but it really depends on how far away it is.

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Online Fashion Boutique: The 21st Century Shopper’s Best Friend

Online Fashion BoutiqueShelly lives in Denver and is right in the middle of a two day blizzard. Since her job is closed due to inclement weather, she takes her cup of coffee and sits at her computer. She checks her email. Her best friend in Miami has just eloped and is sharing the news with all her loved ones everywhere. One tidbit she mentions is that she wants to throw a party on the 14th and wants all to come. The 14th is five days away and Shelly is certain she won’t be able to make it, so she decides to send a present. The only problem is that she is stuck inside of the house for the next 36 hours. She knows that her best friend loves anything pink and silk. She checks her checking account and then proceeds to search an online fashion boutique. She scrolls down, up and across until she finds the perfect pink silk bra and panties set, complete with an angel’s face smiling on the back of the undies. She types in her checking account information, safe and sure that all is secure as she watches the information process her friend’s gift being whisked to Miami on the invisible path of the Internet. Now, because of Shelly’s uncontrollable circumstance, she has no choice but to trust cyber-space to handle her need for a last minute wedding gift. An online fashion boutique, however, is not just for the temporarily shut-in. Everyone can enjoy this modern day convenience.

Do you like having access to fashion 24/7? Online fashion boutiques are great those of us who like to shop when our fancies are tickled, whether 2 AM Monday morning or Christmas Day. Never seem to have enough time? Those of us who always seem to be short on time will value the flexibility of shopping whenever online. Hate walking through crazy crowds, especially around Black Friday and Christmas time? Purchasing stuff off of fashion boutique websites means never having to push and shove to get your hands on that hot item that everyone wants for the minute. Do you only have enough money for that cute sweater set which will be dwindled significantly if you fill up the tank to go to the mall to get the outfit? Shopping online will save gas money. Want to save with sales, discounts and promotional offers? Shopping at an online fashion boutique helps you nab cool deals, especially around holiday time. That’s also where you can find products that are no longer available in the actual store—reduced rates included! For all beautiful full-figured women, there seems to be more of a variety of stylish plus-sized pieces available online than in the actual store. Many online fashion boutiques run contests with prizes ranging from free product to online shopping sprees. When selecting an online boutique to shop from, it is good to do the following:

Check for Better Business Bureau ratings. If there isn’t one, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is a disreputable store, but you are shopping at your own risk. Think of your bank information before you proceed any further.

Check for online reviews. Similar to face to face transactions, if someone selling a product online fails to provide excellent customer service, many former customers will write a review of the store voicing their displeasure. Don’t be shy about checking online for reviews of any online boutique. Those few minutes could save a lot of grief, as well as money.

The world we live in is very different from the one that our parents lived in. We are fast becoming a completely cashless society. The shape of the U.S. dollar is uncertain, to say the least. Shopping at an online fashion boutique isn’t just some fly-by-night trend for the lazy. It is certain that it will be the way of existence for fashion entrepreneurs everywhere. Soon, no longer will fashion designers hold in-person fashion shows. It will be with one click of a button and The "it" fashion designer of the moment will host everything online. All that will be missing will be you and your debit card. Let’s go shopping!

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Benefits of Medium Length Haircuts

The hair is one’s crowning glory. It actually defines one’s personality. Although, it can sometimes be deceiving, one’s hair justifies one’s confidence and perception. That is why, there are a lot of people who spend time and money to make their hair beautiful and impeccable. However, not all people are gifted with a nice hair which leads them to seek advice from professional help. Usually, this consultation demands major makeover which includes a haircut.

One of the most popular haircuts for women is the medium length. Most women prefer this kind of haircut as accentuates one’s facial features and let you hide undesirable features. Besides, it is a haircut that suits all shapes of the face, hair type and personalities. Aside from that, it provides a wide selection of styles and trends. You can keep it straight, layered or curly. It also gives additional volume and bounce to your hair as it is manageable and controllable.

It is a fact that not everybody experiences a good hair day. Due to some inevitable circumstances, you might feel anxious and stress out, a bad hair day might come your way. With medium length hair cut, it can easily eliminate this situation by still giving you the chance to tie your hair up. During parties and events, it requires a manageable hairstyle fit for the occasion.

In every point in one’s life, there are certain circumstances that demand change. One’s hairstyles can make a drastic change in your whole personality.  But, remember that your choices should always be based on your preferences. You still have the choice, professional should only assist you to discover and enhance the hairstyle that you like.  Besides, medium length haircuts can give you a sense of security when you don’t like the result of your makeover. You still have the choice to cut it shorter and go for a different look.

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